Chanting the Sacred Verses


Chanting the Sacred Verses


Learn to chant verses from The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads, and a chant written by my own teacher. Sung by Hali Schwartz, with music by George Koller. 

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Chanting the Sacred Verses is especially close to my heart as they are the chants that were taught to me by own own teacher and as such, they mean so very much to me. Included in this recording are 19 verses from Chapters 2 and 6 from The Bhagavad Gita, as well as several hymns from The Upanishads, and also features a chant written by my own teacher. Upon ordering, you will also receive, via email a pdf booklet of the all the chants and verses so that you can learn them and sing along. 

1.   Mangal Sat Guru
2.  Gayatri Mantra
3.  Sat Gamaya
4.  Om Purnam
5.  Om Saha Na
6.  Sarve Bhavantu
7.  Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
8.  Medulsa's Cradle Song
9.  Lakshmi Stotram
10. Baghavad Gita Chapter 2, verses 19–25
11. Baghavad Gita Chapter 6, verses 1–10, 19, 20
12. Mangal Sat Guru

Chants sung by Hali Schwartz.
Tanpura programming and dilruba accompaniment by: George Koller.

Engineered and mastered by: Bernardo Francisco Cisternas.
Assistant engineer: Chihiro Nagamatsu.
Recorded at: Number 9 studios, Toronto.

Produced by: George Koller.