India CD


India CD

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Inner Peace through Music and Nature Sounds
Composed by George Koller; Nature sound recordings by Sandesh and Dan Gibson (CD signed by George Koller)

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In this sumptuous album, the meditative beauty and enduring magic of India coalesce to take the listener on a journey as alluring and evocative as the country itself. Here, India's charm and splendour entwine like twin serpents; its sensuousness flows like a whispering, winding river; and its sounds float and shimmer, a mystical voyage to kindle the senses and move the soul.

1. Transformation (6:56)
2. Crystal Waters (5:28)
3. Mantra (6:37)
4. Starfish (8:29)
5. Ancient Blessing (5:25)
6. Lehara (7:18)
7. Purity (4:26)
8. Eternal Peace (5:49)
9. Along the Sacred Path (5:54)
10. Rebirth (11:48)
11. Life in Balance (5:06)