One without a Second: An Audio Series on Yoga Philosophy

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One without a Second: An Audio Series on Yoga Philosophy


Written by Hali Schwartz and Vina Nadjibulla
Narrated by Hali Schwartz
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When my book, One Without a Second: The Seeds of Yoga Philosophy from Root to Sprout, came out, many people from my community and all over the world requested that I create an audio book from the text. Realizing that this would be a massive undertaking, my friend and colleague Vina and myself set to work on creating three separate recordings on specific themes of yoga philosophy that are present in the book. 

These three 35–45 minute recordings explore some of the most important and elegant aspects of the yoga philosophical tradition in a way that is both accessible for the novice on this subject, and enlightening for those who have been engaged in the serious study of yoga philosophy for many years. 

This download includes all three episodes.

Podcast One: The Four Yoga's – Ancient History and Modern Relevance 
This recording explores the history of the yoga tradition through the teachings yoga’s four main schools, or paths: jñāna yoga; karma yoga; bhakti yoga and rāja yoga. 

Podcast Two: Unfolding Freedom – The Process of Releasing Ourselves from the Grip of Ignorance 
Here we are introduced to the philosophical system of sāmkhya, which describes the human condition as suffering from false identification (sanyog) with the field of change (prakriti), and how this can be overcome. 

Podcast Three: Non-Dualism – The Path to Wholeness 
Our discussion now focuses on three scriptures of the non-dualist tradition, which elucidates upon the nature of the true Self (ātman). Here, the true Self, is described as 'one and the same in all beings’, and the idea is brought forth that liberation (mukti) will take place only when soul awakens from the illusion of separateness (māyā).