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Hali’s first yoga philosophy book is now available as an ebook for download, or in a beautiful, limited edition, soft cover book!

This book!! Written by the wonderful, amazing, and my most adored teacher Hali Schwartz. I cherish a thought she once shared in satsang: 'If only one person in the universe is enlightened, then that knowing exists for all'. Luckily for all, through the knowing which is unfolded in this beautiful book, we can all know what yoga is. 

— Mona Zabanah


This book, already dog-eared, margin-scribbled and sticky note-sticked will continue to be both a reference and inspiration source for many moons to come. Hali demonstrates her ability to synthesize the immense topic of yoga with clarity and joy. With eloquence, she teaches us the simple (yet giant) truths uncovered by the traditions of yoga in easy to digest bites. These are not small feats. If you are looking to first, understand, and second, fall in love with yoga philosophy, start here.

— Taryn Diamond


One without a Second: The Seeds of Yoga Philosophy from Root to Sprout

Soft-cover book

$30.00 CAD + shipping

Digital download - ebook

$27.00 CAD

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.
— Victor Hugo


The incomparable George Koller — my partner and soul mate — has created some of the most stirring and evocative yoga music I have ever heard. He likes to call these audio works: Music for Internal Arts.

Whether you are practicing hatha yoga asana, yin yoga restorative yoga or meditation these audio recordings will deepen and inspire your practice in amazing ways!

I am proud to also offer my own 5 recordings — a guided restorative practice, two guided hatha vinyasa practices, and two volumes sacred chants. All feature the music of George Koller. All are available for digital download (MP3).


1. One Without a Second: An Audio Series on Yoga Philosophy

2. Chanting the Sacred Verses 

3. Flowing Sadhana II – a guided intermediate yoga practice

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