Genius, if found to be existing in one person, can exist then, in all persons. Genius, in seed form is in all of us...but to bring it forth! Now that is a task that only the true genius can manage.
— Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Yogic Knowledge Meets Artistic Perfection

November 29, 2018, 6-9 pm
Gallery 345
345 Sorauren Avenue, Toronto, ON M6R 2G5


Hali SchwartzStephanie Kittell and Vina Nadjibulla would like to take you on a journey where yoga and genius intersect. In our first salon of this series, we will immerse ourselves in some of the most daring and moving examples of artistic expression created by three geniuses from the past and present. Exploring this theme of genius, we will discover ways in which it can be awakened in ourselves, using an interweaving of movement and creative expression, with yoga philosophy, pranayam and meditation.

Yoga philosophy teaches that within each and every one of us is a being of infinite potential. All things are within the realm of possibility when given the right environment for them to become manifest. Genius is the ability to bravely dive into the unknown and the uncharted so that that which has been hidden can be brought into the light. The three geniuses who have inspired this odyssey (Picasso, Leonard Cohen, and Radiohead) did, and do, just that. 


Blending the teachings of 'freedom in action' taught by the sages of yoga's vast history, with embodied movement, discussion and meditation, we aim to awaken our own creative genius, so that our true purpose can begin to find its way into our lives. 


  • To be mesmerized and inspired by examples of great genius.

  • To explore the tools to awaken genius within ourselves.

  • To see how yoga philosophy teachings about karma yoga can lead us into the frame of mind that is needed for our own 'gifts' to be brought to the surface. 

  • To be in an environment where we can move, as a way to free our natural creativity. 

  • Pranayam (working with breath and life force energy) and meditation practice to deepen our confidence in our innate power and potential. 


It is for curious beings. It is for lovers of yoga, inventors and creators, artists and thinkers, writers and musicians, singers and dancers. It is for anyone who thinks that genius is someone else. 


Come as you are. Be comfortable. Be fabulous. Be you.


An open curiosity.

Ongoing Yoga Classes

Intermediate Hatha Yoga Flow Infused with Philosophy Teachings:

At Yoga Space Toronto, every Wednesday from 1–2:15pm
This weekly class is for people with prior yoga asana experience.