Genius, if found to be existing in one person, can exist then, in all persons. Genius, in seed form is in all of us...but to bring it forth! Now that is a task that only the true genius can manage.

Ongoing Yoga Classes

Classical Hatha Yoga: As It Was

At Yoga Space Toronto, every Wednesday from 1–2:20pm
This is the only public class that I teach and it focuses on the older classical 'hatha yoga' system. This is where we have a chance to practice some of the original āsana and prānāyām exercises that are found in the older texts on hatha yoga. The sequence in this class is deeply engaging and challenging, not because it moves quickly, but because we hold the classic postures for longer periods of time and also explore the older version of the beloved sūrya namaskār. This class also has prānāyām and meditation. 

Sit, Breathe, Know

I am so excited about the continued success of my new class which began in April of 2018. This 1hour 45min. practice focuses exclusively on chanting, prānāyām, and meditation and accepts a maximum of 8 people only. The sessions are held at my home studio in Leslieville and are a perfect way to come back into our deepest selves through the loving practice of chanting, the purifying practice of deep breathing, and the centering practice of meditation. 


Spring/Summer dates are: One Tuesday a month, 6:30-8:15pm.
May 14, June 18, July 9, August 20.

Semiprivate Classes

A New Class: Hatha Yoga: As It Was

This class will have only three people, and will consist of asana, pranayam & meditation. The sequence comes from a combination of two teachers I studied with in South India, the first was in 2002, and the second most recently in 2019. I am so very excited about this offering! 

This is a pre-registered class and is offered at my home studio in Leslieville.
2 or 3 Monday nights per month from 6–7:30 p.m. For more information and to get the spring/summer dates, email me.