Immersion Into the World of Yoga Sādhana

Two-week intensive yoga retreat with Hali Schwartz and
Kathryn Beet on the sandy beaches of Goa, India.  

December 27, 2018 – January 14, 2019 (including 2 nights in Mumbai)

This very special, and first of its kind yoga retreat, will take us into our practice like never before. For the 14 days that we will be at this lovely retreat center on Morjim beach in North Goa, we will immerse ourselves in all aspects of yoga sādhana for 6 days a week, with 1 day off on the 7th day of each of the two weeks. (Read More)

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Puglia, Italy 2018

With Kathryn Beet & Hali Schwartz
June 16 – 23, 2018: Only 2 Spots Left!

This retreat will focus on immersing ourselves in the depths of yoga sadhana and will help us reignite our commitment to daily practice. Asana, meditation, pranayam and philosophy combine together to make this Italian retreat a truly unforgettable experience. (Read More)

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One without a Second: The Seeds of Yoga Philosophy from Root to Sprout

by Hali Schwartz

One Without a Second is Hali's long awaited yoga philosophy book. Years in the making, this first edition takes us through some of the most significant eras in yoga's scriptural history. One without a Second puts forth the question why human beings engage in spiritual seeking in the first place, and explores some of the fundamental questions that we have been asking since we developed the skills of discovery and inquiry.