Sacred Art

That which makes you draw breath
But cannot be drawn by the breath,
That is the Self indeed,
This Self is YOU.

— From the Kena Upanishad,
One without a Second, by Hali Schwartz


Original art works by Mishel Schwartz celebrate the sacred. 

Available as originals and, coming soon, as prints. 
To arrange for shipping of original artworks outside of the Toronto area, contact Mishel.

A Note from the Artist:


I am one of the fortunate ones. By this I mean I have spent my life surrounded by wise & knowledgeable beings, through my exquisite  mother who has been on her own spiritual path since I was a child, and has taught me to honour my spirit, and MEDITATE, MEDITATE, always MEDITATE. And through my beautiful yogi-sister, Hali Schwartz, whose teachings and classes I have had the privilege of being a part of for the last 20 years. 

My own form of personal expression has always been a visual one. For as long as I can remember I have felt the most peace when drawing or painting. The past 30 years I have enjoyed a wonderful career in the field of interior design, working in my family business which has taught me so much. Eight months ago an experience in my life brought me once again to the joys of painting, and it has been a magical and wonderful foray back into the world I love so very much. I am honoured to share my work on this beautiful site.


Mishel Schwartz