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My teacher training courses are associated with Kathryn Beet’s 200 hour and 300 hour advanced studies program.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

30 hours(a part of their 300 hr. program)

This course gives us the skills on how to offer a slower practice that focuses on both adapting classic postures and exploring the range of their benefits using props, the force of gravity,  and the power of breath and stillness. This type of yoga is suitable for the people in our community who require a deeply nourishing and therapeutic approach to practice. This course includes 4 hours of functional and systems anatomy as it pertains to chronic illness and injury.

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Deepening Your Understanding of Yoga Philosophy
Philosophy in Everyday Life

30 hours

This course is for those students who have already graduated from a 200 hr. yoga teacher training program (or similar training), and builds on what has already been studied and delved into viz. yoga’s philosophical heritage and history; scripture study; Sanskrit studies; meditation and chanting. It is in this course where we find out how yogic knowledge can and does apply to our every day lives, and how we can incorporate the more "esoteric" aspects of this tradition into our teaching.

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